Our Facilities
We have created child-cantered colourful rooms, with child-sized furniture and high quality toys with lots of age appropriate resources. shaded outdoor area is another place for the children to play and develop their physical and social skills. Sand play is one of the fun areas ,in door playing area equipped with age-appropriate toys.The soft play area.

In addition to our well equipped classrooms and wide range of educational and play materials.
For additional safety and peace of mind, we installed surveillance security cameras inside every classroom and around the building connected to the management office.

Other information:
*Naps: Naps are offered according to each individual child's desire .
*Classroom & Teacher : one teacher and two assistants per class.
*English is the main language spoken.
*Potty Training: when parents feel the child is ready we will assist parents in the toilet training of their child.
*A Full-Time Nurse available.

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